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In our society, beauty has become a brand. It’s sexy. It’s skinny. It has flawless skin.

If you’ve watched a movie, read a magazine, or listened to the radio in the past decade, this isn’t new information. You’ve passed the magazines and billboards of digitally altered women, and clearly heard the message,

“You’ll never be quite good enough.”

For a long time I have criticized myself against this impossible standard, questioning in my heart if I was beautiful. I’ve spent years feeling insecure, dissatisfied with the way God created me, because I don’t measure up to this standard.

But in the past year I have realized something, the standard is wrong. Beauty isn’t something that can be airbrushed or photo shopped. It’s not a certain look or body type. It’s much more than that.

The goal of this project was to highlight a different type of beauty, a kind you won‘t find in magazine. It’s a confident, strong, creative, and unique. It’s found in womans' heart and it shines through her eyes. It glorifies the Creator.

These women exemplify this beauty and have graciously shared their hearts on the subject. I hope you enjoy their wisdom and realize that

you are beautiful.

the video

Saturday, June 13, 2009



Alissa recently celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary and enjoys spending time with her husband, Carlos, and son, Evan. She is currently becoming a certified pilates instructor.

What do you think beauty is?

“Beauty is a countenance that you portray that comes from within. It has to be something that emanates from inside of you. And you can’t hide it. It’s all encompassing. It implies that there is something shining from the inside.”

When do you feel the most beautiful?

“I feel the most beautiful when I have read the Bible, played with my son, served my husband, and taken a shower. It all comes together when those things happen.”

What do you think God finds beautiful in a woman?

“I love Proverbs 31. I feel that description is God’s description of a beautiful woman. Somebody who is known in the street, is outgoing, is working with her hands to provide for her family, and is praised. She is a picture of what God is pleased with in anyone women. It talks about so many different aspects of a women, and each women has different gifts taken from that.”

What do you wish woman knew about real beauty?

“Strive for that countenance and fragrance of Christ, and be joyful with what He’s given you. Because there is no point in striving for what you think other people are putting on you to be beautiful. Save yourself the hassle and accept who the Lord has made you and use that unto the Lord, and that will give you really peace.”

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