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In our society, beauty has become a brand. It’s sexy. It’s skinny. It has flawless skin.

If you’ve watched a movie, read a magazine, or listened to the radio in the past decade, this isn’t new information. You’ve passed the magazines and billboards of digitally altered women, and clearly heard the message,

“You’ll never be quite good enough.”

For a long time I have criticized myself against this impossible standard, questioning in my heart if I was beautiful. I’ve spent years feeling insecure, dissatisfied with the way God created me, because I don’t measure up to this standard.

But in the past year I have realized something, the standard is wrong. Beauty isn’t something that can be airbrushed or photo shopped. It’s not a certain look or body type. It’s much more than that.

The goal of this project was to highlight a different type of beauty, a kind you won‘t find in magazine. It’s a confident, strong, creative, and unique. It’s found in womans' heart and it shines through her eyes. It glorifies the Creator.

These women exemplify this beauty and have graciously shared their hearts on the subject. I hope you enjoy their wisdom and realize that

you are beautiful.

the video

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Stephanie has been employed as a Social Worker for 22 years at Bethanna Christian Services. She is also employed part time at Calvary, where she has the absolute pleasure of serving in Crosswalk Jr. High as Gil's ministry assistant.

What do you think beauty is?

When I look at pictures of who the "world" considers to be beautiful, there are so many times that I do not see real beauty. I see hardness and lonely eyes staring at me from the picture. Without airbrushing, they look about average. Then I see a person who the world might consider to be average or below, but there is something that comes back from the photo that is warm, loving, and beautiful. It could come from their eyes or from their gentle smile, and you know that this person is at peace with themselves.

Do you think your beautiful?

There are times that I can be beautiful, and those times are when I am walking in the Spirit. People say to me all of the time that I am such a nice person. And I tell them, that is only because of Jesus, trust me!! I can be "really ugly," when I am operating in the Flesh, which is usually when I am not in the Word, not praying on a consistent basis, or when there is a Full Moon, and I begin to howl!!

When do you feel the most beautiful?

When my walk with the Lord is solid, and also when I am being disciplined in other areas of my life, such as dieting and exercise, and I see positive results to my efforts.

What do you wish women knew about real beauty?

Beauty does not come from the being able to receive affirmation from others. Beauty does not come from the attention that we receive from the male species. Don't get me wrong, I think we all like a little attention sometimes, and we enjoy receiving compliments, but actively seeking that type of attention is not healthy. When we have the joy of the Lord, and the other gifts of the Spirit operating, it shows through on our faces, and we look awesome.

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