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In our society, beauty has become a brand. It’s sexy. It’s skinny. It has flawless skin.

If you’ve watched a movie, read a magazine, or listened to the radio in the past decade, this isn’t new information. You’ve passed the magazines and billboards of digitally altered women, and clearly heard the message,

“You’ll never be quite good enough.”

For a long time I have criticized myself against this impossible standard, questioning in my heart if I was beautiful. I’ve spent years feeling insecure, dissatisfied with the way God created me, because I don’t measure up to this standard.

But in the past year I have realized something, the standard is wrong. Beauty isn’t something that can be airbrushed or photo shopped. It’s not a certain look or body type. It’s much more than that.

The goal of this project was to highlight a different type of beauty, a kind you won‘t find in magazine. It’s a confident, strong, creative, and unique. It’s found in womans' heart and it shines through her eyes. It glorifies the Creator.

These women exemplify this beauty and have graciously shared their hearts on the subject. I hope you enjoy their wisdom and realize that

you are beautiful.

the video

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hannah R

Hannah R
**Hannah also graduated from high school yesterday. Congratulations : ) !

Hannah is a senior in high school. She loves reading books, drinking tea, and spending time with friends. Hannah hopes to be a missionary in the future.

What do you think beauty is?
“When you are confident in who God made you and that‘s who you try to be all the time, it shows, and you look beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.”

When do you feel the most beautiful?

“Honestly and truly, I find myself more attractive to myself when I have been in the Word and I feel like Christ is showing through me. Otherwise, I find myself complaining about my hair, or my skin, or my body, and things like that.”

How has our culture’s definition of beauty effected you?

“When I neglect to wake up in the morning and read my Bible, and not center myself and my thoughts on what Christ thinks of me, it’s very easy for me to walk my school halls and think, “Wow, there’s something missing with me, I’m not measuring up to some invisible standard that’s set, and it’s hard. I grew up always hearing that your dad is one of the most important male figures in your life, and he’s the one that should always confirm in you that your beautiful. Growing up and not having a dad at one point, especially during those first teenage years when I feel like it was really necessary, it really made me struggle a lot.”

When do you feel the most beautiful?

“When I know I am pleasing Christ and doing what He made me to do.”


  1. So wonderful that God invites us to call Him"Abba- daddy-and it is His voice we can hear telling us we are valued, treasured,and loved and that our circumstances do not define who we are. He gives us beauty for ashes. I am with you on this journey, doris jeanne

  2. So wonderful that God invites us to call him "Abba"-daddy- and He tells us we are valued, loved and accepted. We do not need to let our circumstances define who we are and He will turn our ashes into beauty. I am with you on this journey. doris jeanne