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In our society, beauty has become a brand. It’s sexy. It’s skinny. It has flawless skin.

If you’ve watched a movie, read a magazine, or listened to the radio in the past decade, this isn’t new information. You’ve passed the magazines and billboards of digitally altered women, and clearly heard the message,

“You’ll never be quite good enough.”

For a long time I have criticized myself against this impossible standard, questioning in my heart if I was beautiful. I’ve spent years feeling insecure, dissatisfied with the way God created me, because I don’t measure up to this standard.

But in the past year I have realized something, the standard is wrong. Beauty isn’t something that can be airbrushed or photo shopped. It’s not a certain look or body type. It’s much more than that.

The goal of this project was to highlight a different type of beauty, a kind you won‘t find in magazine. It’s a confident, strong, creative, and unique. It’s found in womans' heart and it shines through her eyes. It glorifies the Creator.

These women exemplify this beauty and have graciously shared their hearts on the subject. I hope you enjoy their wisdom and realize that

you are beautiful.

the video

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Pamela, who grew up in Argentina, is a Spanish teacher at Calvary Christian Academy. She loves teaching Spanish and serves with her husband in the Spanish ministry at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia.

What do you think beauty is?

“A reflection that comes through your eyes because of what you have inside. It’s more then just what you look like on the outside, it’s a combination of the inside and outside. A full reflection of Christ.”

Do you think your beautiful?

“I do, not in an egotistical way. If you go back to Genesis, when He was creating everything, on the seventh day, He saw everything was good and beautiful.”

When do you feel the most beautiful?

“I feel beautiful when I am feeling fulfilled and accomplished. When I have a really good class and I taught what I was suppose to teach. Then I feel beautiful.”

What do you wish women knew about real beauty?

“There are choices and decisions that women are making right now, based on worldly immature thoughts on beauty, that can effect their future. And, sometimes, you cross certain bridges and it’s very hard to go back.”

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